If you've never had a pregnancy massage before then you're most likely going to wonder how much it will cost and how often you should get one. 

Just like massage, you should get one as often as you like and as often as you can afford it. 

When I first started massage, I used to get this common objection, "Wow, that's expensive."  And as a young, new therapist I would respond by reducing my rate, but I learned better since then. 

Most spas and high end clinics will charge at least $85-90 per hour for a pregnancy massage.  That is on the higher end, but not excessive. 

It takes a certain type of therapist to do pregnancy massage.  You have to love what you do to continue in this field.  Massage, especially pregnancy massage, will cause wear and tear on the therapist's body.  This will cause exhaustion and discontent if the therapist is feeling pain in her own body and feel that she is not sufficiently financially compensated for the massage. 

The average price for pregnancy massage is about $60-70 per hour.  Sometimes a little more or sometimes a little less due to the area.  If you are researching pregnancy massage prices, you need to call around to the local spas and clinics to get an idea of the prices in your area.  This is the best way to gauge local area prices. 

Worth the Money?

Have you wondered if pregnancy massage is worth the money?  The best way to answer this question is to put it in perspective.  The amount of money that you want to spend is determined by your budget and your priorities.

How much does it mean to you that you have a comfortable pregnancy?  The average person will only go through pregnancy twice.  You go through pregnancy so that your baby is growing normally and naturally as nature intended.

You will become uncomfortable at one point or another during your pregnancy.  How you  handle the tension will also affect the baby growing within you. 

I know plenty of mothers who spend more than $60 a month on shoes, clothing, eating out etc and still consider pregnancy massage to be expensive.  It isn't.  The price is in the eye of the beholder and your budget.  If it doesn't fit into your budget then you can decide to cut something out to fit it or go without a massage during your pregnancy. 

If you have never experienced massage during pregnancy then you are MISSING OUT.